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Merge branch 'jc/better-conflict-resolution'
* jc/better-conflict-resolution: Fix AsciiDoc errors in merge documentation git-merge documentation: describe how conflict is presented checkout --conflict=<style>: recreate merge in a non-default style checkout -m: recreate merge when checking out of unmerged index git-merge-recursive: learn to honor merge.conflictstyle merge.conflictstyle: choose between "merge" and "diff3 -m" styles rerere: understand "diff3 -m" style conflicts with the original rerere.c: use symbolic constants to keep track of parsing states xmerge.c: "diff3 -m" style clips merge reduction level to EAGER or less xmerge.c: minimum readability fixups xdiff-merge: optionally show conflicts in "diff3 -m" style xdl_fill_merge_buffer(): separate out a too deeply nested function checkout --ours/--theirs: allow checking out one side of a conflicting merge checkout -f: allow ignoring unmerged paths when checking out of the index Conflicts: Documentation/git-checkout.txt builtin-checkout.c builtin-merge-recursive.c t/
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diff --git a/t/ b/t/
index 5e18d68..f8942bc 100755
--- a/t/
+++ b/t/
@@ -161,4 +161,48 @@ test_expect_success 'ZEALOUS_ALNUM' '
+cat >expect <<\EOF
+Dominus regit me,
+<<<<<<< new8.txt
+et nihil mihi deerit;
+In loco pascuae ibi me collocavit;
+super aquam refectionis educavit me.
+et nihil mihi deerit.
+In loco pascuae ibi me collocavit,
+super aquam refectionis educavit me;
+et nihil mihi deerit,
+In loco pascuae ibi me collocavit --
+super aquam refectionis educavit me,
+>>>>>>> new9.txt
+animam meam convertit,
+deduxit me super semitas jusitiae,
+propter nomen suum.
+Nam et si ambulavero in medio umbrae mortis,
+non timebo mala, quoniam TU mecum es:
+virga tua et baculus tuus ipsa me consolata sunt.
+test_expect_success '"diff3 -m" style output (1)' '
+ test_must_fail git merge-file -p --diff3 \
+ new8.txt new5.txt new9.txt >actual &&
+ test_cmp expect actual
+test_expect_success '"diff3 -m" style output (2)' '
+ git config merge.conflictstyle diff3 &&
+ test_must_fail git merge-file -p \
+ new8.txt new5.txt new9.txt >actual &&
+ test_cmp expect actual