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revision.c: Make --full-history consider more merges
History simplification previously always treated merges as TREESAME if they were TREESAME to any parent. While this was consistent with the default behaviour, this could be extremely unhelpful when searching detailed history, and could not be overridden. For example, if a merge had ignored a change, as if by "-s ours", then: git log -m -p --full-history -Schange file would successfully locate "change"'s addition but would not locate the merge that resolved against it. Futher, simplify_merges could drop the actual parent that a commit was TREESAME to, leaving it as a normal commit marked TREESAME that isn't actually TREESAME to its remaining parent. Now redefine a commit's TREESAME flag to be true only if a commit is TREESAME to _all_ of its parents. This doesn't affect either the default simplify_history behaviour (because partially TREESAME merges are turned into normal commits), or full-history with parent rewriting (because all merges are output). But it does affect other modes. The clearest difference is that --full-history will show more merges - sufficient to ensure that -m -p --full-history log searches can really explain every change to the file, including those changes' ultimate fate in merges. Also modify simplify_merges to recalculate TREESAME after removing a parent. This is achieved by storing per-parent TREESAME flags on the initial scan, so the combined flag can be easily recomputed. This fixes some t6111 failures, but creates a couple of new ones - we are now showing some merges that don't need to be shown. Signed-off-by: Kevin Bracey <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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