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Merge branch 'mh/init-delete-refs-api'
Clean up refs API and make "git clone" less intimate with the implementation detail. * mh/init-delete-refs-api: delete_ref(): use the usual convention for old_sha1 cmd_update_ref(): make logic more straightforward update_ref(): don't read old reference value before delete check_branch_commit(): make first parameter const refs.h: add some parameter names to function declarations refs: move the remaining ref module declarations to refs.h initial_ref_transaction_commit(): check for ref D/F conflicts initial_ref_transaction_commit(): check for duplicate refs refs: remove some functions from the module's public interface initial_ref_transaction_commit(): function for initial ref creation repack_without_refs(): make function private prune_refs(): use delete_refs() prune_remote(): use delete_refs() delete_refs(): bail early if the packed-refs file cannot be rewritten delete_refs(): make error message more generic delete_refs(): new function for the refs API delete_ref(): handle special case more explicitly remove_branches(): remove temporary delete_ref(): move declaration to refs.h
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