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Merge branch 'bc/use-asciidoctor-opt'
Asciidoctor, an alternative reimplementation of AsciiDoc, still needs some changes to work with documents meant to be formatted with AsciiDoc. "make USE_ASCIIDOCTOR=YesPlease" to use it out of the box to document our pages is getting closer to reality. * bc/use-asciidoctor-opt: Documentation: implement linkgit macro for Asciidoctor Makefile: add a knob to enable the use of Asciidoctor Documentation: move dblatex arguments into variable Documentation: add XSLT to fix DocBook for Texinfo Documentation: sort sources for gitman.texi Documentation: remove unneeded argument in cat-texi.perl Documentation: modernize cat-texi.perl Documentation: fix warning in cat-texi.perl
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