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authorJunio C Hamano <>2007-05-12 05:26:08 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2007-05-12 05:26:08 (GMT)
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apply: do not get confused by symlinks in the middle
HPA noticed that git-rebase fails when changes involve symlinks in the middle of the hierarchy. Consider: * The tree state before the patch is applied has arch/x86_64/boot as a symlink pointing at ../i386/boot/ * The patch tries to remove arch/x86_64/boot symlink, and create bunch of files there: .gitignore, Makefile, etc. git-apply tries to be careful while applying patches; it never touches the working tree until it is convinced that the patch would apply cleanly. One of the check it does is that when it knows a path is going to be created by the patch, it runs lstat() on the path to make sure it does not exist. This leads to a false alarm. Because we do not touch the working tree before all the check passes, when we try to make sure that arch/x86_64/boot/.gitignore does not exist yet, we haven't removed the arch/x86_64/boot symlink. The lstat() check ends up seeing arch/i386/boot/.gitignore through the yet-to-be-removed symlink, and says "Hey, you already have a file there, but what you fed me is a patch to create a new file. I am not going to clobber what you have in the working tree." We have similar checks to see a file we are going to modify does exist and match the preimage of the diff, which is done by directly opening and reading the file. For a file we are going to delete, we make sure that it does exist and matches what is going to be removed (a removal patch records the full preimage, so we check what you have in your working tree matches it in full -- otherwise we would risk losing your local changes), which again is done by directly opening and reading the file. These checks need to be adjusted so that they are not fooled by symlinks in the middle. - To make sure something does not exist, first lstat(). If it does not exist, it does not, so be happy. If it _does_, we might be getting fooled by a symlink in the middle, so break leading paths and see if there are symlinks involved. When we are checking for a path a/b/c/d, if any of a, a/b, a/b/c is a symlink, then a/b/c/d does _NOT_ exist, for the purpose of our test. This would fix this particular case you saw, and would not add extra overhead in the usual case. - To make sure something already exists, first lstat(). If it does not exist, barf (up to this, we already do). Even if it does seem to exist, we might be getting fooled by a symlink in the middle, so make sure leading paths are not symlinks. This would make the normal codepath much more expensive for deep trees, which is a bit worrisome. This patch implements the first side of the check "making sure it does not exist". The latter "making sure it exists" check is not done yet, so applying the patch in reverse would still fail, but we have to start from somewhere. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -0,0 +1,57 @@
+test_description='apply to deeper directory without getting fooled with symlink'
+. ./
+lecho () {
+ for l_
+ do
+ echo "$l_"
+ done
+test_expect_success setup '
+ mkdir -p arch/i386/boot arch/x86_64 &&
+ lecho 1 2 3 4 5 >arch/i386/boot/Makefile &&
+ ln -s ../i386/boot arch/x86_64/boot &&
+ git add . &&
+ test_tick &&
+ git commit -m initial &&
+ git branch test &&
+ rm arch/x86_64/boot &&
+ mkdir arch/x86_64/boot &&
+ lecho 2 3 4 5 6 >arch/x86_64/boot/Makefile &&
+ git add . &&
+ test_tick &&
+ git commit -a -m second &&
+ git format-patch --binary -1 --stdout >test.patch
+test_expect_success apply '
+ git checkout test &&
+ git reset --hard && #### checkout seems to be buggy
+ git diff --exit-code test &&
+ git diff --exit-code --cached test &&
+ git apply --index test.patch
+test_expect_success 'check result' '
+ git diff --exit-code master &&
+ git diff --exit-code --cached master &&
+ test_tick &&
+ git commit -m replay &&
+ T1=$(git rev-parse "master^{tree}") &&
+ T2=$(git rev-parse "HEAD^{tree}") &&
+ test "z$T1" = "z$T2"