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userdiff: support Markdown
It's typical to find Markdown documentation alongside source code, and having better context for documentation changes is useful; see also commit 69f9c87d4 (userdiff: add support for Fountain documents, 2015-07-21). The pattern is based on the CommonMark specification 0.29, section 4.2 <> but doesn't match empty headings, as seeing them in a hunk header is unlikely to be useful. Only ATX headings are supported, as detecting setext headings would require printing the line before a pattern matches, or matching a multiline pattern. The word-diff pattern is the same as the pattern for HTML, because many Markdown parsers accept inline HTML. Signed-off-by: Ash Holland <> Acked-by: Johannes Sixt <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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+Indented headings are allowed, as long as the indent is no more than 3 spaces.
+ ### RIGHT
+- something
+- ChangeMe
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+Headings can be right next to other lines of the file:
+Indents of four or more spaces make a code block:
+ # code comment, not heading
+If there's no space after the final hash, it's not a heading:
+Sequences of more than 6 hashes don't make a heading:
+####### over-enthusiastic heading
+So the detected heading should be right up at the start of this file.