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log: decorate HEAD with branch name under --decorate=full, too
The previous step to teach "log --decorate" to show "HEAD -> master" instead of "HEAD, master" when showing the commit at the tip of the 'master' branch, when the 'master' branch is checked out, did not work for "log --decorate=full". The commands in the "log" family prepare commit decorations for all refs upfront, and the actual string used in a decoration depends on how load_ref_decorations() is called very early in the process. By default, "git log --decorate" stores names with common prefixes such as "refs/heads" stripped; "git log --decorate=full" stores the full refnames. When the current_pointed_by_HEAD() function has to decide if "HEAD" points at the branch a decoration describes, however, what was passed to load_ref_decorations() to decide to strip (or keep) such a common prefix is long lost. This makes it impossible to reliably tell if a decoration that stores "refs/heads/master", for example, is the 'master' branch (under "--decorate" with prefix omitted) or 'refs/heads/master' branch (under "--decorate=full"). Keep what was passed to load_ref_decorations() in a global next to the global variable name_decoration, and use that to decide how to match what was read from "HEAD" and what is in a decoration. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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