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* js/shallow: fetch-pack: Do not fetch tags for shallow clones. get_shallow_commits: Avoid memory leak if a commit has been reached already. git-fetch: Reset shallow_depth before auto-following tags. upload-pack: Check for NOT_SHALLOW flag before sending a shallow to the client. fetch-pack: Properly remove the shallow file when it becomes empty. shallow clone: unparse and reparse an unshallowed commit Why didn't we mark want_obj as ~UNINTERESTING in the old code? Why does it mean we do not have to register shallow if we have one? We should make sure that the protocol is still extensible. add tests for shallow stuff Shallow clone: do not ignore shallowness when following tags allow deepening of a shallow repository allow cloning a repository "shallowly" support fetching into a shallow repository upload-pack: no longer call rev-list
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