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Merge branch 'dl/rebase-i-keep-base'
"git rebase --keep-base <upstream>" tries to find the original base of the topic being rebased and rebase on top of that same base, which is useful when running the "git rebase -i" (and its limited variant "git rebase -x"). The command also has learned to fast-forward in more cases where it can instead of replaying to recreate identical commits. * dl/rebase-i-keep-base: rebase: teach rebase --keep-base rebase tests: test linear branch topology rebase: fast-forward --fork-point in more cases rebase: fast-forward --onto in more cases rebase: refactor can_fast_forward into goto tower t3432: test for --no-ff's interaction with fast-forward t3432: distinguish "noop-same" v.s. "work-same" in "same head" tests t3432: test rebase fast-forward behavior t3431: add rebase --fork-point tests
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@@ -1056,7 +1056,7 @@ test_expect_success C_LOCALE_OUTPUT 'rebase --edit-todo does not work on non-int
git reset --hard &&
git checkout conflict-branch &&
set_fake_editor &&
- test_must_fail git rebase --onto HEAD~2 HEAD~ &&
+ test_must_fail git rebase -f --onto HEAD~2 HEAD~ &&
test_must_fail git rebase --edit-todo &&
git rebase --abort