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authorJohannes Schindelin <>2016-01-27 16:20:26 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2016-01-28 21:36:11 (GMT)
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mingw: do not bother to test funny file names
MSYS2 actually allows to create files or directories whose names contain tabs, newlines or colors, even if plain Win32 API cannot access them. As we are using an MSYS2 bash to run the tests, such files or directories are created successfully, but Git itself has no chance to work with them because it is a regular Windows program, hence limited by the Win32 API. With this change, on Windows otherwise failing tests in,,,,,,, and are skipped. Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ tree, index, and tree objects.
HT=' '
+test_have_prereq MINGW ||
echo 2>/dev/null > "Name with an${HT}HT"
if ! test -f "Name with an${HT}HT"