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Merge branch 'bc/sha-256-part-2'
SHA-256 migration work continues. * bc/sha-256-part-2: (44 commits) remote-testgit: adapt for object-format bundle: detect hash algorithm when reading refs t5300: pass --object-format to git index-pack t5704: send object-format capability with SHA-256 t5703: use object-format serve option t5702: offer an object-format capability in the test t/helper: initialize the repository for test-sha1-array remote-curl: avoid truncating refs with ls-remote t1050: pass algorithm to index-pack when outside repo builtin/index-pack: add option to specify hash algorithm remote-curl: detect algorithm for dumb HTTP by size builtin/ls-remote: initialize repository based on fetch t5500: make hash independent serve: advertise object-format capability for protocol v2 connect: parse v2 refs with correct hash algorithm connect: pass full packet reader when parsing v2 refs Documentation/technical: document object-format for protocol v2 t1302: expect repo format version 1 for SHA-256 builtin/show-index: provide options to determine hash algo t5302: modernize test formatting ...
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@@ -402,7 +402,7 @@ EOF
mv .git/config .git/config-saved
-test_expect_success 'git branch -m q q2 without config should succeed' '
+test_expect_success SHA1 'git branch -m q q2 without config should succeed' '
git branch -m q q2 &&
git branch -m q2 q