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Rename some test scripts and describe the naming convention
First digit: "family", e.g. the absolute basics and global stuff (0), the basic db-side commands (read-tree, write-tree, commit-tree), the basic working-tree-side commands (checkout-cache, update-cache), the other basic commands (ls-files), the diff commands, the pull commands, exporting commands, revision tree commands... Second digit: the particular command we are testing Third digit: (optionally) the particular switch or group of switches we are testing Freeform part: commandname-details Described in the README. mv mv mv mv mv
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+# Copyright (c) 2005 Junio C Hamano
+test_description='git-ls-files -k flag test.
+This test prepares the following in the cache:
+ path0 - a file
+ path1 - a symlink
+ path2/file2 - a file in a directory
+ path3/file3 - a file in a directory
+and the following on the filesystem:
+ path0/file0 - a file in a directory
+ path1/file1 - a file in a directory
+ path2 - a file
+ path3 - a symlink
+ path4 - a file
+ path5 - a symlink
+ path6/file6 - a file in a directory
+git-ls-files -k should report that existing filesystem
+objects except path4, path5 and path6/file6 to be killed.
+. ./
+date >path0
+ln -s xyzzy path1
+mkdir path2 path3
+date >path2/file2
+date >path3/file3
+test_expect_success \
+ 'git-update-cache --add to add various paths.' \
+ "git-update-cache --add -- path0 path1 path?/file?"
+rm -fr path?
+date >path2
+ln -s frotz path3
+ln -s nitfol path5
+mkdir path0 path1 path6
+date >path0/file0
+date >path1/file1
+date >path6/file6
+test_expect_success \
+ 'git-ls-files -k to show killed files.' \
+ 'git-ls-files -k >.output'
+cat >.expected <<EOF
+test_expect_success \
+ 'validate git-ls-files -k output.' \
+ 'diff .output .expected'