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authorJiang Xin <>2013-10-14 02:29:38 (GMT)
committerJonathan Nieder <>2013-10-14 14:00:01 (GMT)
commitdaf19a80fa6b7402f8a2efa8f8255b4b5d6b48a9 (patch)
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parentf85f7947c38359c05b9df28fafe769fde9341326 (diff)
test: use unambigous leading path (/foo) for MSYS
In test cases for relative_path, path with one leading character (such as /a, /x) may be recogonized as "a:/" or "x:/" if there is such DOS drive on MSYS platform. Use an umambigous leading path "/foo" instead. Also change two leading slashes (//) to three leading slashes (///), otherwize it will be recognized as UNC name on MSYS platform. Signed-off-by: Jiang Xin <> Acked-by: Sebastian Schuberth <> Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <>
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diff --git a/t/ b/t/
index 3a48de2..92976e0 100755
--- a/t/
+++ b/t/
@@ -190,33 +190,33 @@ test_expect_success SYMLINKS 'real path works on symlinks' '
test "$sym" = "$(test-path-utils real_path "$dir2/syml")"
-relative_path /a/b/c/ /a/b/ c/
-relative_path /a/b/c/ /a/b c/
-relative_path /a//b//c/ //a/b// c/ POSIX
-relative_path /a/b /a/b ./
-relative_path /a/b/ /a/b ./
-relative_path /a /a/b ../
-relative_path / /a/b/ ../../
-relative_path /a/c /a/b/ ../c
-relative_path /a/c /a/b ../c
-relative_path /x/y /a/b/ ../../x/y
-relative_path /a/b "<empty>" /a/b
-relative_path /a/b "<null>" /a/b
-relative_path a/b/c/ a/b/ c/
-relative_path a/b/c/ a/b c/
-relative_path a/b//c a//b c
-relative_path a/b/ a/b/ ./
-relative_path a/b/ a/b ./
-relative_path a a/b ../
-relative_path x/y a/b ../../x/y
-relative_path a/c a/b ../c
-relative_path a/b "<empty>" a/b
-relative_path a/b "<null>" a/b
-relative_path "<empty>" /a/b ./
-relative_path "<empty>" "<empty>" ./
-relative_path "<empty>" "<null>" ./
-relative_path "<null>" "<empty>" ./
-relative_path "<null>" "<null>" ./
-relative_path "<null>" /a/b ./
+relative_path /foo/a/b/c/ /foo/a/b/ c/
+relative_path /foo/a/b/c/ /foo/a/b c/
+relative_path /foo/a//b//c/ ///foo/a/b// c/ POSIX
+relative_path /foo/a/b /foo/a/b ./
+relative_path /foo/a/b/ /foo/a/b ./
+relative_path /foo/a /foo/a/b ../
+relative_path / /foo/a/b/ ../../../
+relative_path /foo/a/c /foo/a/b/ ../c
+relative_path /foo/a/c /foo/a/b ../c
+relative_path /foo/x/y /foo/a/b/ ../../x/y
+relative_path /foo/a/b "<empty>" /foo/a/b
+relative_path /foo/a/b "<null>" /foo/a/b
+relative_path foo/a/b/c/ foo/a/b/ c/
+relative_path foo/a/b/c/ foo/a/b c/
+relative_path foo/a/b//c foo/a//b c
+relative_path foo/a/b/ foo/a/b/ ./
+relative_path foo/a/b/ foo/a/b ./
+relative_path foo/a foo/a/b ../
+relative_path foo/x/y foo/a/b ../../x/y
+relative_path foo/a/c foo/a/b ../c
+relative_path foo/a/b "<empty>" foo/a/b
+relative_path foo/a/b "<null>" foo/a/b
+relative_path "<empty>" /foo/a/b ./
+relative_path "<empty>" "<empty>" ./
+relative_path "<empty>" "<null>" ./
+relative_path "<null>" "<empty>" ./
+relative_path "<null>" "<null>" ./
+relative_path "<null>" /foo/a/b ./