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Merge branch 'hs/gpgsm'
Teach "git tag -s" etc. a few configuration variables (gpg.format that can be set to "openpgp" or "x509", and gpg.<format>.program that is used to specify what program to use to deal with the format) to allow x.509 certs with CMS via "gpgsm" to be used instead of openpgp via "gnupg". * hs/gpgsm: gpg-interface t: extend the existing GPG tests with GPGSM gpg-interface: introduce new signature format "x509" using gpgsm gpg-interface: introduce new config to select per gpg format program gpg-interface: do not hardcode the key string len anymore gpg-interface: introduce an abstraction for multiple gpg formats t/t7510: check the validation of the new config gpg.format gpg-interface: add new config to select how to sign a commit
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