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read-tree: make two-way merge sparse-aware
Enable two-way merge with 'git read-tree' without expanding the sparse index. When in a sparse index, a two-way merge will trivially succeed as long as there are not changes to the same sparse directory in multiple trees (i.e., sparse directory-level "edit-edit" conflicts). If there are such conflicts, the merge will fail despite the possibility that individual files could merge cleanly. In order to resolve these "edit-edit" conflicts, "conflicted" sparse directories are - rather than rejected - merged by traversing their associated trees by OID. For each child of the sparse directory: 1. Files are merged as normal (see Documentation/git-read-tree.txt for details). 2. Subdirectories are treated as sparse directories and merged in 'twoway_merge'. If there are no conflicts, they are merged according to the rules in Documentation/git-read-tree.txt; otherwise, the subdirectory is recursively traversed and merged. This process allows sparse directories to be individually merged at the necessary depth *without* expanding a full index. The 't/' test 'read-tree --merge with edit/edit conflicts in sparse directories' tests two-way merges with 1) changes inside sparse directories that do not conflict and 2) changes that do conflict (with the correct file(s) reported in the error message). Additionally, add two-way merge cases to 'sparse index is not expanded: read-tree' to confirm that the index is not expanded regardless of whether edit/edit conflicts are present in a sparse directory. Signed-off-by: Victoria Dye <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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