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authorColin Stolley <>2019-11-27 22:24:53 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2019-12-03 15:59:45 (GMT)
commitec48540fe8c387cf7424d5387ddbd53e89bb9d51 (patch)
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packfile.c: speed up loading lots of packfiles
When loading packfiles on start-up, we traverse the internal packfile list once per file to avoid reloading packfiles that have already been loaded. This check runs in quadratic time, so for poorly maintained repos with a large number of packfiles, it can be pretty slow. Add a hashmap containing the packfile names as we load them so that the average runtime cost of checking for already-loaded packs becomes constant. Add a perf test to p5303 to show speed-up. The existing p5303 test runtimes are dominated by other factors and do not show an appreciable speed-up. The new test in p5303 clearly exposes a speed-up in bad cases. In this test we create 10,000 packfiles and measure the start-up time of git rev-parse, which does little else besides load in the packs. Here are the numbers for the new p5303 test: Test HEAD^ HEAD --------------------------------------------------------------------- 5303.12: load 10,000 packs 1.03(0.92+0.10) 0.12(0.02+0.09) -88.3% Signed-off-by: Colin Stolley <> Helped-by: Jeff King <> [jc: squashed the change to call hashmap in install_packed_git() by peff] Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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diff --git a/t/perf/ b/t/perf/
index 3779851..ede78e1 100755
--- a/t/perf/
+++ b/t/perf/
@@ -84,4 +84,22 @@ do
+# Measure pack loading with 10,000 packs.
+test_expect_success 'generate lots of packs' '
+ for i in $(test_seq 10000); do
+ echo "blob"
+ echo "data <<EOF"
+ echo "blob $i"
+ echo "EOF"
+ echo "checkpoint"
+ done |
+ git -c fastimport.unpackLimit=0 fast-import
+# The purpose of this test is to evaluate load time for a large number
+# of packs while doing as little other work as possible.
+test_perf "load 10,000 packs" '
+ git rev-parse --verify "HEAD^{commit}"