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committerJunio C Hamano <>2017-04-20 03:33:01 (GMT)
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p0006-read-tree-checkout: perf test to time read-tree
Created t/perf/repos/ to generate large, but artificial repositories. Created t/perf/ to alter an EXISTING repo to have a set of large commits. This can be used to create a branch with 1M+ files in repositories like git.git or linux.git, but with more realistic content. It does this by making multiple copies of the entire worktree in a series of sub-directories. The branch name and ballast structure created by both scripts match, so either script can be used to generate very large test repositories for the following perf test. Created t/perf/ to measure performance on various read-tree, checkout, and update-index operations. This test can run using either normal repos or ones from the above scripts. Signed-off-by: Jeff Hostetler <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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+# This test measures the performance of various read-tree
+# and checkout operations. It is primarily interested in
+# the algorithmic costs of index operations and recursive
+# tree traversal -- and NOT disk I/O on thousands of files.
+test_description="Tests performance of read-tree"
+. ./
+# If the test repo was generated by ./repos/
+# then we know something about the data shape and branches,
+# so we can isolate testing to the ballast-related commits
+# and setup sparse-checkout so we don't have to populate
+# the ballast files and directories.
+# Otherwise, we make some general assumptions about the
+# repo and consider the entire history of the current
+# branch to be the ballast.
+test_expect_success "setup repo" '
+ if git rev-parse --verify refs/heads/p0006-ballast^{commit}
+ then
+ echo Assuming synthetic repo from
+ git branch br_base master
+ git branch br_ballast p0006-ballast^
+ git branch br_ballast_alias p0006-ballast^
+ git branch br_ballast_plus_1 p0006-ballast
+ git config --local core.sparsecheckout 1
+ cat >.git/info/sparse-checkout <<-EOF
+ /*
+ !ballast/*
+ else
+ echo Assuming non-synthetic repo...
+ git branch br_base $(git rev-list HEAD | tail -n 1)
+ git branch br_ballast HEAD^ || error "no ancestor commit from current head"
+ git branch br_ballast_alias HEAD^
+ git branch br_ballast_plus_1 HEAD
+ fi &&
+ git checkout -q br_ballast &&
+ nr_files=$(git ls-files | wc -l)
+test_perf "read-tree br_base br_ballast ($nr_files)" '
+ git read-tree -m br_base br_ballast -n
+test_perf "switch between br_base br_ballast ($nr_files)" '
+ git checkout -q br_base &&
+ git checkout -q br_ballast
+test_perf "switch between br_ballast br_ballast_plus_1 ($nr_files)" '
+ git checkout -q br_ballast_plus_1 &&
+ git checkout -q br_ballast
+test_perf "switch between aliases ($nr_files)" '
+ git checkout -q br_ballast_alias &&
+ git checkout -q br_ballast