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use distinct username/password for http auth tests
The httpd server we set up to test git's http client code knows about a single account, in which both the username and password are "user@host" (the unusual use of the "@" here is to verify that we handle the character correctly when URL escaped). This means that we may miss a certain class of errors in which the username and password are mixed up internally by git. We can make our tests more robust by having distinct values for the username and password. In addition to tweaking the server passwd file and the client URL, we must teach the "askpass" harness to accept multiple values. As a bonus, this makes the setup of some tests more obvious; when we are expecting git to ask only about the password, we can seed the username askpass response with a bogus value. Signed-off-by: Jeff King <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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