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Merge branch 'cm/remote-mediawiki-perlcritique'
* cm/remote-mediawiki-perlcritique: (31 commits) git-remote-mediawiki: make error message more precise git-remote-mediawiki: add a perlcritic rule in Makefile git-remote-mediawiki: add a .perlcriticrc file git-remote-mediawiki: clearly rewrite double dereference git-remote-mediawiki: fix a typo ("mediwiki" instead of "mediawiki") git-remote-mediawiki: put non-trivial numeric values in constants. git-remote-mediawiki: don't use quotes for empty strings git-remote-mediawiki: replace "unless" statements with negated "if" statements git-remote-mediawiki: brace file handles for print for more clarity git-remote-mediawiki: modify strings for a better coding-style git-remote-mediawiki: put long code into a subroutine git-remote-mediawiki: remove import of unused open2 git-remote-mediawiki: check return value of open git-remote-mediawiki: assign a variable as undef and make proper indentation git-remote-mediawiki: rename a variable ($last) which has the name of a keyword git-remote-mediawiki: remove unused variable $entry git-remote-mediawiki: turn double-negated expressions into simple expressions git-remote-mediawiki: change the name of a variable git-remote-mediawiki: add newline in the end of die() error messages git-remote-mediawiki: change style in a regexp ...
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