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authorPavel Roskin <>2005-07-29 14:49:14 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2005-07-30 00:21:48 (GMT)
commite35f9824159bba94eecdf22d198799701ed60940 (patch)
tree0d1d08eec92d179ce02b4c4b5e961e0f6c1feddc /sha1_file.c
parent1df092d211868b3b74f5b3981fad9b195a0bedad (diff)
[PATCH] mmap error handling
I have reviewed all occurrences of mmap() in git and fixed three types of errors/defects: 1) The result is not checked. 2) The file descriptor is closed if mmap() succeeds, but not when it fails. 3) Various casts applied to -1 are used instead of MAP_FAILED, which is specifically defined to check mmap() return value. [jc: This is a second round of Pavel's patch. He fixed up the problem that close() potentially clobbering the errno from mmap, which the first round had.] Signed-off-by: Pavel Roskin <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/sha1_file.c b/sha1_file.c
index 5ec5598..eba5a36 100644
--- a/sha1_file.c
+++ b/sha1_file.c
@@ -518,7 +518,7 @@ static void *map_sha1_file_internal(const unsigned char *sha1,
map = mmap(NULL, st.st_size, PROT_READ, MAP_PRIVATE, fd, 0);
- if (-1 == (int)(long)map)
+ if (map == MAP_FAILED)
return NULL;
*size = st.st_size;
return map;
@@ -1363,7 +1363,7 @@ int index_fd(unsigned char *sha1, int fd, struct stat *st, int write_object, con
if (size)
buf = mmap(NULL, size, PROT_READ, MAP_PRIVATE, fd, 0);
- if ((int)(long)buf == -1)
+ if (buf == MAP_FAILED)
return -1;
if (!type)