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Merge branch 'en/doc-typofix'
Docfix. * en/doc-typofix: Fix spelling errors in no-longer-updated-from-upstream modules multimail: fix a few simple spelling errors sha1dc: fix trivial comment spelling error Fix spelling errors in test commands Fix spelling errors in messages shown to users Fix spelling errors in names of tests Fix spelling errors in comments of testcases Fix spelling errors in code comments Fix spelling errors in documentation outside of Documentation/ Documentation: fix a bunch of typos, both old and new
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diff --git a/sequencer.c b/sequencer.c
index 8952cfa..655a99d 100644
--- a/sequencer.c
+++ b/sequencer.c
@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ static GIT_PATH_FUNC(rebase_path_rewritten_pending,
- * The path of the file containig the OID of the "squash onto" commit, i.e.
+ * The path of the file containing the OID of the "squash onto" commit, i.e.
* the dummy commit used for `reset [new root]`.
static GIT_PATH_FUNC(rebase_path_squash_onto, "rebase-merge/squash-onto")
@@ -4642,7 +4642,7 @@ static int make_script_with_merges(struct pretty_print_context *pp,
label_oid(oid, "branch-point", &state);
- /* Add HEAD as implict "tip of branch" */
+ /* Add HEAD as implicit "tip of branch" */
if (!iter->next)
tips_tail = &commit_list_insert(iter->item,
@@ -4824,7 +4824,7 @@ void todo_list_add_exec_commands(struct todo_list *todo_list,
* are considered part of the pick, so we insert the commands *after*
* those chains if there are any.
- * As we insert the exec commands immediatly after rearranging
+ * As we insert the exec commands immediately after rearranging
* any fixups and before the user edits the list, a fixup chain
* can never contain comments (any comments are empty picks that
* have been commented out because the user did not specify