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Log message printout cleanups (#3): fix --pretty=oneline
This option is very special, since pretty_print_commit() will _remove_ the newline at the end of it, so we want to have an extra separator between the things. I added a honking big comment this time, so that (a) I don't forget this _again_ (I broke "oneline" several times during this printout cleanup), and so that people can understand _why_ the code does what it does. Now, arguably the alternate fix is to always have the '\n' at the end in pretty-print-commit, but git-rev-list depends on the current behaviour (but we could have git-rev-list remove it, whatever). With the big comment, the code hopefully doesn't get broken again. And now things like git log --pretty=oneline --cc --patch-with-stat works (even if that is admittedly a totally insane combination: if you want the patch, having the "oneline" log format is just crazy, but hey, it _works_. Even insane people are people). Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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