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authorMichael Haggerty <>2011-10-17 02:38:07 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2011-10-17 04:10:49 (GMT)
commit8be8bde75f90661ecd118ac890290889e184063d (patch)
treefb225b2b6bc2bbedd7f1902773830ed465ede3f4 /refs.h
parent3870a0d1d88e2e42b70c2586d3a1fda63226953c (diff)
invalidate_ref_cache(): expose this function in the refs API
Make invalidate_ref_cache() an official part of the refs API. It is currently a fact of life that code outside of refs.c mucks about with references. This change gives such code a way of informing the refs module that it should no longer trust its cache. Signed-off-by: Michael Haggerty <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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diff --git a/refs.h b/refs.h
index 0229c57..f439c54 100644
--- a/refs.h
+++ b/refs.h
@@ -80,6 +80,14 @@ extern void unlock_ref(struct ref_lock *lock);
/** Writes sha1 into the ref specified by the lock. **/
extern int write_ref_sha1(struct ref_lock *lock, const unsigned char *sha1, const char *msg);
+ * Invalidate the reference cache for the specified submodule. Use
+ * submodule=NULL to invalidate the cache for the main module. This
+ * function must be called if references are changed via a mechanism
+ * other than the refs API.
+ */
+extern void invalidate_ref_cache(const char *submodule);
/** Setup reflog before using. **/
int log_ref_setup(const char *ref_name, char *logfile, int bufsize);