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git svn: fix shallow clone when upstream revision is too new
Thanks to Ka-Hing Cheung for the initial bug report and patch: > git-svn uses $ra->get_latest_revnum to find out the latest > revision, but that can be problematic, because get_latest_revnum > returns the latest revnum in the entire repository, not > restricted by whatever URL you used to construct $ra. So if you > do git svn clone -r HEAD svn://blah/blah/trunk, it won't work if > the latest checkin is in one of the branches (it will try to > fetch a rev that doesn't exist in trunk, making the clone > useless). Relying on SVN::Core::INVALID_REVNUM (-1) as the "start" argument to SVN::Ra::get_log() proved unreliable with http(s) URLs so the result of SVN::Ra::get_latest_revnum() is used as the "start" argument instead. Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <>
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