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authorJohannes Schindelin via GitGitGadget <>2020-01-09 13:30:34 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2020-01-10 20:29:07 (GMT)
commit49e268e23e313e8c6b009cd8ebbbaae4316cf6cc (patch)
treedb82b939fb76d4c36784610011f8b48ebff5a0c2 /read-cache.c
parent224c7d70fa14ed44d8e7e3ce1e165e05b7b23725 (diff)
mingw: safeguard better against backslashes in file names
In 224c7d70fa1 (mingw: only test index entries for backslashes, not tree entries, 2019-12-31), we relaxed the check for backslashes in tree entries to check only index entries. However, the code change was incorrect: it was added to `add_index_entry_with_check()`, not to `add_index_entry()`, so under certain circumstances it was possible to side-step the protection. Besides, the description of that commit purported that all index entries would be checked when in fact they were only checked when being added to the index (there are code paths that do not do that, constructing "transient" index entries). In any case, it was pointed out in one insightful review at that it would be a much better idea to teach `verify_path()` to perform the check for a backslash. This is safer, even if it comes with two notable drawbacks: - `verify_path()` cannot say _what_ is wrong with the path, therefore the user will no longer be told that there was a backslash in the path, only that the path was invalid. - The `git apply` command also calls the `verify_path()` function, and might have been able to handle Windows-style paths (i.e. with backslashes instead of forward slashes). This will no longer be possible unless the user (temporarily) sets `core.protectNTFS=false`. Note that `git add <windows-path>` will _still_ work because `normalize_path_copy_len()` will convert the backslashes to forward slashes before hitting the code path that creates an index entry. The clear advantage is that `verify_path()`'s purpose is to check the validity of the file name, therefore we naturally tap into all the code paths that need safeguarding, also implicitly into future code paths. The benefits of that approach outweigh the downsides, so let's move the check from `add_index_entry_with_check()` to `verify_path()`. Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 files changed, 6 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/read-cache.c b/read-cache.c
index 5baf652..f9c8f19 100644
--- a/read-cache.c
+++ b/read-cache.c
@@ -959,7 +959,7 @@ static int verify_dotfile(const char *rest, unsigned mode)
int verify_path(const char *path, unsigned mode)
- char c;
+ char c = 0;
if (has_dos_drive_prefix(path))
return 0;
@@ -974,6 +974,7 @@ int verify_path(const char *path, unsigned mode)
if (is_dir_sep(c)) {
if (protect_hfs) {
if (is_hfs_dotgit(path))
return 0;
if (S_ISLNK(mode)) {
@@ -982,6 +983,10 @@ inside:
if (protect_ntfs) {
+ if (c == '\\')
+ return 0;
if (is_ntfs_dotgit(path))
return 0;
if (S_ISLNK(mode)) {
@@ -1278,11 +1283,6 @@ static int add_index_entry_with_check(struct index_state *istate, struct cache_e
int skip_df_check = option & ADD_CACHE_SKIP_DFCHECK;
int new_only = option & ADD_CACHE_NEW_ONLY;
- if (protect_ntfs && strchr(ce->name, '\\'))
- return error(_("filename in tree entry contains backslash: '%s'"), ce->name);
if (!(option & ADD_CACHE_KEEP_CACHE_TREE))
cache_tree_invalidate_path(istate, ce->name);