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authorRalf Thielow <>2012-06-19 18:25:39 (GMT)
committerPat Thoyts <>2012-06-19 20:31:14 (GMT)
commit3c3737deab03cd4b5f42d9b1bf58e186de26e9ec (patch)
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parentef42057deae1aca6c3716019a3672809785f0a96 (diff)
git-gui: de.po: consistently add untranslated hook names within braces
The user might not really know what hook is actually meant if it's translated. To avoid such a confusion we should consistently write it untranslated within braces after. Signed-off-by: Ralf Thielow <> Signed-off-by: Pat Thoyts <>
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diff --git a/po/de.po b/po/de.po
index d9a9ebd..91221ef 100644
--- a/po/de.po
+++ b/po/de.po
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ msgstr "Nach geänderten Dateien suchen..."
msgid "Calling prepare-commit-msg hook..."
-msgstr "Aufrufen der Eintragen-Vorbereiten-Kontrolle..."
+msgstr "Aufrufen der Eintragen-Vorbereiten-Kontrolle (»prepare-commit hook«)..."
msgid "Commit declined by prepare-commit-msg hook."
@@ -1446,7 +1446,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: lib/commit.tcl:234
msgid "Calling pre-commit hook..."
-msgstr "Aufrufen der Vor-Eintragen-Kontrolle..."
+msgstr "Aufrufen der Vor-Eintragen-Kontrolle (»pre-commit hook«)..."
#: lib/commit.tcl:249
msgid "Commit declined by pre-commit hook."
@@ -1454,7 +1454,7 @@ msgstr "Eintragen abgelehnt durch Vor-Eintragen-Kontrolle (»pre-commit hook«).
#: lib/commit.tcl:272
msgid "Calling commit-msg hook..."
-msgstr "Aufrufen der Versionsbeschreibungs-Kontrolle..."
+msgstr "Aufrufen der Versionsbeschreibungs-Kontrolle (»commit-message hook«)..."
#: lib/commit.tcl:287
msgid "Commit declined by commit-msg hook."