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* 'master' of (27 commits) Git 2.26-rc1 remote-curl: show progress for fetches over dumb HTTP show_one_mergetag: print non-parent in hex form. re-enable -Wformat-zero-length rebase-interactive.c: silence format-zero-length warnings mingw: workaround for hangs when sending STDIN t6020: new test with interleaved lexicographic ordering of directories t6022, t6046: test expected behavior instead of testing a proxy for it t3035: prefer test_must_fail to bash negation for git commands t6020, t6022, t6035: update merge tests to use test helper functions t602[1236], t6034: modernize test formatting merge-recursive: apply collision handling unification to recursive case completion: add diff --color-moved[-ws] t1050: replace test -f with test_path_is_file am: support --show-current-patch=diff to retrieve .git/rebase-apply/patch am: support --show-current-patch=raw as a synonym for--show-current-patch am: convert "resume" variable to a struct parse-options: convert "command mode" to a flag parse-options: add testcases for OPT_CMDMODE() stash push: support the --pathspec-from-file option ...
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