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Git::SVN::*: avoid premature FileHandle closure
Since b19138b (git-svn: Make it incrementally faster by minimizing temp files, v1.6.0), git-svn has been using the temp_acquire and temp_release mechanism to avoid unnecessary temp file churn and provide a speed boost. However, that change introduced a call to temp_acquire inside the Git::SVN::Fetcher::close_file function for an 'svn_hash' temp file. Because an SVN::Pool is active at the time this function is called, if the Git::temp_acquire function ends up actually creating a new FileHandle for the temp file (which it will the first time it's called with the name 'svn_hash') that FileHandle will end up in the SVN::Pool and should that pool have SVN::Pool::clear called on it that FileHandle will be closed out from under Git::temp_acquire. Since the only call site to Git::temp_acquire with the name 'svn_hash' is inside the close_file function, if an 'svn_hash' temp file is ever created its FileHandle is guaranteed to be created in the active SVN::Pool. This has not been a problem in the past because the SVN::Pool was not being cleared. However, since dfa72fdb (git-svn: reload RA every log-window-size, v2.2.0) the pool has been getting cleared periodically at which point the FileHandle for the 'svn_hash' temp file gets closed. Any subsequent calls to Git::temp_acquire for 'svn_hash', however, succeed without creating/opening a new temporary file since it still has the now invalid FileHandle in its cache. Callers that then attempt to use that FileHandle fail with an error. We avoid this problem by making sure the 'svn_hash' temp file is created in the same place the 'svn_delta_...' and 'git_blob_...' temp files are (and then temp_release'd) so that it can be safely used inside the close_file function without having its FileHandle end up in an SVN::Pool that gets cleared. Additionally the cat_blob function creates a bidirectional pipe FileHandle using the IPC::Open2::open2 function. If that handle is created too late, it also gets caught up in the SVN::Pool and incorrectly closed by the SVN::Pool::clear call. But this only seems to happen with more recent versions of Perl and svn. To avoid this problem we add an explicit call to _open_cat_blob_if_needed before the first call to SVN::Pool->new_default to make sure the open2 handle does not end up in the SVN::Pool. Signed-off-by: Kyle J. McKay <> Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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