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Merge tag 'l10n-2.38.0-rnd3' of
l10n-2.38.0-rnd3 * tag 'l10n-2.38.0-rnd3' of (25 commits) l10n: zh_TW.po: Git 2.38.0, round 3 l10n: fr: v2.38.0 round 3 l10n: Update Catalan translation l10n: de.po: update German translation l10n: zh_CN: 2.38.0 round 3 l10n: tr: v2.38.0 3rd round l10n: bg.po: Updated Bulgarian translation (5484t) l10n: po-id for 2.38 (round 3) l10n: es: update translation l10n: sv.po: Update Swedish translation (5484t0f0u) l10n: Update Catalan translation l10n: fr: don't say that merge is "the default strategy" l10n: zh_CN v2.38.0 rounds 1 & 2 l10n: po-id for 2.38 (round 2) l10n: tr: v2.38.0 round 2 l10n: bg.po: Updated Bulgarian translation (5484t) l10n: fr: v2.38.0 round 2 l10n: fr: v2.38 round 1 l10n: fr: The word 'branche' is only feminine l10n: Update Catalan translation ...
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