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authorPetr Baudis <>2006-09-23 18:20:47 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2006-09-23 21:02:40 (GMT)
commit18b0fc1ce1ef92716d4c5d5c7acd5d5a61a0a556 (patch)
treeedbda9f5f6b37cd63d5c216ee0ad3aebce85c0e8 /perl/
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git-18b0fc1ce1ef92716d4c5d5c7acd5d5a61a0a556.tar.bz2 Kill Git.xs for now
This patch removes Git.xs from the repository for the time being. This should hopefully enable to finally make its way to master. Git.xs is not going away forever. When the Git libification makes some progress, it will hopefully return (but most likely as an optional component, due to the portability woes) since the performance boosts are really important for applications like Gitweb or Cogito. It needs to go away now since it is not really reliable in case you use it for several repositories in the scope of a single process, and that is not possible to fix without some either very ugly or very intrusive core changes. Rest in peace. (While you can.) Signed-off-by: Petr Baudis <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 files changed, 9 insertions, 67 deletions
diff --git a/perl/ b/perl/
index 9ce9fcd..2b26b65b 100644
--- a/perl/
+++ b/perl/
@@ -93,9 +93,6 @@ use Carp qw(carp croak); # but croak is bad - throw instead
use Error qw(:try);
use Cwd qw(abs_path);
-require XSLoader;
-XSLoader::load('Git', $VERSION);
@@ -413,12 +410,13 @@ sub command_noisy {
Return the Git version in use.
-Implementation of this function is very fast; no external command calls
-are involved.
-# Implemented in Git.xs.
+sub version {
+ my $verstr = command_oneline('--version');
+ $verstr =~ s/^git version //;
+ $verstr;
=item exec_path ()
@@ -426,12 +424,9 @@ are involved.
Return path to the Git sub-command executables (the same as
C<git --exec-path>). Useful mostly only internally.
-Implementation of this function is very fast; no external command calls
-are involved.
-# Implemented in Git.xs.
+sub exec_path { command_oneline('--exec-path') }
=item repo_path ()
@@ -572,41 +567,21 @@ sub ident_person {
=item hash_object ( TYPE, FILENAME )
-=item hash_object ( TYPE, FILEHANDLE )
Compute the SHA1 object id of the given C<FILENAME> (or data waiting in
C<FILEHANDLE>) considering it is of the C<TYPE> object type (C<blob>,
C<commit>, C<tree>).
-In case of C<FILEHANDLE> passed instead of file name, all the data
-available are read and hashed, and the filehandle is automatically
-closed. The file handle should be freshly opened - if you have already
-read anything from the file handle, the results are undefined (since
-this function works directly with the file descriptor and internal
-PerlIO buffering might have messed things up).
The method can be called without any instance or on a specified Git repository,
it makes zero difference.
The function returns the SHA1 hash.
-Implementation of this function is very fast; no external command calls
-are involved.
+# TODO: Support for passing FILEHANDLE instead of FILENAME
sub hash_object {
my ($self, $type, $file) = _maybe_self(@_);
- # hash_object_* implemented in Git.xs.
- if (ref($file) eq 'GLOB') {
- my $hash = hash_object_pipe($type, fileno($file));
- close $file;
- return $hash;
- } else {
- hash_object_file($type, $file);
- }
+ command_oneline('hash-object', '-t', $type, $file);
@@ -802,7 +777,7 @@ sub _cmd_exec {
# Execute the given Git command ($_[0]) with arguments ($_[1..])
# by searching for it at proper places.
-# _execv_git_cmd(), implemented in Git.xs.
+sub _execv_git_cmd { exec('git', @_); }
# Close pipe to a subprocess.
sub _cmd_close {
@@ -821,39 +796,6 @@ sub _cmd_close {
-# Trickery for .xs routines: In order to avoid having some horrid
-# C code trying to do stuff with undefs and hashes, we gate all
-# xs calls through the following and in case we are being ran upon
-# an instance call a C part of the gate which will set up the
-# environment properly.
-sub _call_gate {
- my $xsfunc = shift;
- my ($self, @args) = _maybe_self(@_);
- if (defined $self) {
- # XXX: We ignore the WorkingCopy! To properly support
- # that will require heavy changes in libgit.
- # XXX: And we ignore everything else as well. libgit
- # at least needs to be extended to let us specify
- # the $GIT_DIR instead of looking it up in environment.
- #xs_call_gate($self->{opts}->{Repository});
- }
- # Having to call throw from the C code is a sure path to insanity.
- local $SIG{__DIE__} = sub { throw Error::Simple("@_"); };
- &$xsfunc(@args);
- my $xsname;
- our $AUTOLOAD;
- ($xsname = $AUTOLOAD) =~ s/.*:://;
- throw Error::Simple("&Git::$xsname not defined") if $xsname =~ /^xs_/;
- $xsname = 'xs_'.$xsname;
- _call_gate(\&$xsname, @_);
sub DESTROY { }