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git-gui: Provide 'uninstall' Makefile target to undo an installation
Several users have requested a "make uninstall" target be provided in the stock git-gui Makefile so that they can undo an install if git-gui goes to the wrong place during the initial install, or if they are unhappy with the tool and want to remove it from their system. We currently assume that the complete set of files we need to delete are those defined by our Makefile and current source directory. This could differ from what the user actually has installed if they installed one version then attempt to use another to perform the uninstall. Right now I'm just going to say that is "pilot error". Users should uninstall git-gui using the same version of source that they used to make the installation. Perhaps in the future we could read tclIndex and base our uninstall decisions on its contents. Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
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