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"core.sharedrepository = 0mode" should set, not loosen
This fixes the behaviour of octal notation to how it is defined in the documentation, while keeping the traditional "loosen only" semantics intact for "group" and "everybody". Three main points of this patch are: - For an explicit octal notation, the internal shared_repository variable is set to a negative value, so that we can tell "group" (which is to "OR" in 0660) and 0660 (which is to "SET" to 0660); - git-init did not set shared_repository variable early enough to affect the initial creation of many files, notably copied templates and the configuration. We set it very early when a command-line option specifies a custom value. - Many codepaths create files inside $GIT_DIR by various ways that all involve mkstemp(), and then call move_temp_to_file() to rename it to its final destination. We can add adjust_shared_perm() call here; for the traditional "loosen-only", this would be a no-op for many codepaths because the mode is already loose enough, but with the new behaviour it makes a difference. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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