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authorJunio C Hamano <>2006-11-03 08:23:52 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2006-11-03 08:23:52 (GMT)
commit407e1d6e127357a0fbe1a9f91ee616a2b7ec29db (patch)
treea2efb8d179aff14b73db024f936ef0dd092b7a7c /http-push.c
parentaac91b7eeae4e8cf6521a5370caf03eb432ce492 (diff)
parent6255ef08ae746bdad34851297a989ad6f36f6a21 (diff)
Merge branch 'master' into np/index-pack
* master: (90 commits) gitweb: Better support for non-CSS aware web browsers gitweb: Output also empty patches in "commitdiff" view gitweb: Use git-for-each-ref to generate list of heads and/or tags for-each-ref: "creator" and "creatordate" fields Add --global option to git-repo-config. pack-refs: Store the full name of the ref even when packing only tags. git-clone documentation didn't mention --origin as equivalent of -o Minor grammar fixes for git-diff-index.txt link_temp_to_file: call adjust_shared_perm() only when we created the directory Remove uneccessarily similar printf() from print_ref_list() in builtin-branch pack-objects doesn't create random pack names branch: work in subdirectories. gitweb: Use 's' regexp modifier to secure against filenames with LF gitweb: Secure against commit-ish/tree-ish with the same name as path gitweb: esc_html() author in blame git-svnimport: support for partial imports link_temp_to_file: don't leave the path truncated on adjust_shared_perm failure Move deny_non_fast_forwards handling completely into receive-pack. revision traversal: --unpacked does not limit commit list anymore. Continue traversal when rev-list --unpacked finds a packed commit. ...
Diffstat (limited to 'http-push.c')
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/http-push.c b/http-push.c
index 670ff00..ecefdfd 100644
--- a/http-push.c
+++ b/http-push.c
@@ -1864,7 +1864,7 @@ static int update_remote(unsigned char *sha1, struct remote_lock *lock)
static struct ref *local_refs, **local_tail;
static struct ref *remote_refs, **remote_tail;
-static int one_local_ref(const char *refname, const unsigned char *sha1)
+static int one_local_ref(const char *refname, const unsigned char *sha1, int flag, void *cb_data)
struct ref *ref;
int len = strlen(refname) + 1;
@@ -1913,7 +1913,7 @@ static void one_remote_ref(char *refname)
static void get_local_heads(void)
local_tail = &local_refs;
- for_each_ref(one_local_ref);
+ for_each_ref(one_local_ref, NULL);
static void get_dav_remote_heads(void)