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authorJunio C Hamano <>2018-03-06 22:54:07 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2018-03-06 22:54:07 (GMT)
commit169c9c0169a00876f699678ac66ebe9563b0c29f (patch)
tree5344fd15a9134aa92eaf79ff5959f616cceffa17 /http-push.c
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Merge branch 'bw/c-plus-plus'
Avoid using identifiers that clash with C++ keywords. Even though it is not a goal to compile Git with C++ compilers, changes like this help use of code analysis tools that targets C++ on our codebase. * bw/c-plus-plus: (37 commits) replace: rename 'new' variables trailer: rename 'template' variables tempfile: rename 'template' variables wrapper: rename 'template' variables environment: rename 'namespace' variables diff: rename 'template' variables environment: rename 'template' variables init-db: rename 'template' variables unpack-trees: rename 'new' variables trailer: rename 'new' variables submodule: rename 'new' variables split-index: rename 'new' variables remote: rename 'new' variables ref-filter: rename 'new' variables read-cache: rename 'new' variables line-log: rename 'new' variables imap-send: rename 'new' variables http: rename 'new' variables entry: rename 'new' variables diffcore-delta: rename 'new' variables ...
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diff --git a/http-push.c b/http-push.c
index 0913f8a..7dcd9da 100644
--- a/http-push.c
+++ b/http-push.c
@@ -362,7 +362,7 @@ static void start_put(struct transfer_request *request)
git_zstream stream;
unpacked = read_sha1_file(request->obj->oid.hash, &type, &len);
- hdrlen = xsnprintf(hdr, sizeof(hdr), "%s %lu", typename(type), len) + 1;
+ hdrlen = xsnprintf(hdr, sizeof(hdr), "%s %lu", type_name(type), len) + 1;
/* Set it up */
git_deflate_init(&stream, zlib_compression_level);