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grep.c: extract show_line_header()
The grep code invokes show_line() to display the contents of a matched or context line in its output. Part of this execution is to print a line header that includes information such as the kind, the line- and column-number and etc. of that match. To prepare for the addition of an option to print only the matching component(s) of a non-context line, we must prepare for the possibility that a single line may contain multiple matching parts, and thus will need multiple headers printed for a single line. Extracting show_line_header allows us to do just that. In the subsequent commit, it will be used within the colorization loop to print out only the matching parts of a line, optionally with LFs delimiting sub-matches. Signed-off-by: Taylor Blau <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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