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Merge branch 'hw/doc-in-header'
* hw/doc-in-header: trace2: move doc to trace2.h submodule-config: move doc to submodule-config.h tree-walk: move doc to tree-walk.h trace: move doc to trace.h run-command: move doc to run-command.h parse-options: add link to doc file in parse-options.h credential: move doc to credential.h argv-array: move doc to argv-array.h cache: move doc to cache.h sigchain: move doc to sigchain.h pathspec: move doc to pathspec.h revision: move doc to revision.h attr: move doc to attr.h refs: move doc to refs.h remote: move doc to remote.h and refspec.h sha1-array: move doc to sha1-array.h merge: move doc to ll-merge.h graph: move doc to graph.h and graph.c dir: move doc to dir.h diff: move doc to diff.h and diffcore.h
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diff --git a/graph.c b/graph.c
index 5da111f..66ae18a 100644
--- a/graph.c
+++ b/graph.c
@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ static void graph_padding_line(struct git_graph *graph, struct strbuf *sb);
* handle directly. It is assumed that this is the same file handle as the
* file specified by the graph diff options. This is necessary so that
* graph_show_strbuf can be called even with a NULL graph.
+ * If a NULL graph is supplied, the strbuf is printed as-is.
static void graph_show_strbuf(struct git_graph *graph,
FILE *file,