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gitweb: Update README that gitweb works better with PATH_INFO
One had to configure gitweb for it to find static files (stylesheets, images) when using path_info URLs. Now that it is not necessary thanks to adding BASE element to HTML head if needed, update README to reflect this fact. Signed-off-by: Jakub Narebski <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -162,14 +162,12 @@ not include variables usually directly set during build):
$GITWEB_LIST during installation. If empty, $projectroot is used
to scan for repositories.
* $my_url, $my_uri
- URL and absolute URL of gitweb script; you might need to set those
- variables if you are using 'pathinfo' feature: see also below.
+ Full URL and absolute URL of gitweb script;
+ in earlier versions of gitweb you might have need to set those
+ variables, now there should be no need to do it.
* $home_link
Target of the home link on top of all pages (the first part of view
- "breadcrumbs"). By default set to absolute URI of a page; you might
- need to set it up to [base] gitweb URI if you use 'pathinfo' feature
- (alternative format of the URLs, with project name embedded directly
- in the path part of URL).
+ "breadcrumbs"). By default set to absolute URI of a page ($my_uri).
* @stylesheets
List of URIs of stylesheets (relative to base URI of a page). You
might specify more than one stylesheet, for example use gitweb.css