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gitweb: Add info about $projectroot and $projects_list to gitweb/README
Those two configuration variables are important enough that it is worth to explicitely write about them in the "Gitweb config file variables" section even if they are usually set during build by GITWEB_PROJECTROOT and GITWEB_LIST build (Makefile) configuration variables. Signed-off-by: Jakub Narebski <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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Gitweb config file variables
-You can set, among others, the following variables in gitweb config files:
+You can set, among others, the following variables in gitweb config files
+(with the exception of $projectroot and $projects_list this list does
+not include variables usually directly set during build):
* $GIT
Cure git executable to use. By default set to "$GIT_BINDIR/git", which
in turn is by default set to "$(bindir)/git". If you use git from binary
package, set this to "/usr/bin/git". This can just be "git" if your
webserver has a sensible PATH. If you have multiple git versions
- installed it is / can be used to choose which one to use.
+ installed it can be used to choose which one to use.
* $version
Gitweb version, set automatically when creating gitweb.cgi from
gitweb.perl. You might want to modify it if you are running modified
+ * $projectroot
+ Absolute filesystem path which will be prepended to project path;
+ the path to repository is $projectroot/$project. Set to
+ $GITWEB_PROJECTROOT during installation. This variable have to be
+ set correctly for gitweb to find repositories.
+ * $projects_list
+ Source of projects list, either directory to scan, or text file
+ with list of repositories (in the "<URI-encoded repository path> SPC
+ <URI-encoded repository owner>" format). Set to $GITWEB_LIST
+ during installation. If empty, $projectroot is used to scan for
+ repositories.
* $my_url, $my_uri
URL and absolute URL of gitweb script; you might need to set those
variables if you are using 'pathinfo' feature: see also below.