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* jn/gitweb-blame: gitweb: Add link to other blame implementation in blame views gitweb: Make linking to actions requiring JavaScript a feature gitweb.js: fix padLeftStr() and its usage gitweb.js: Harden setting blamed commit info in incremental blame gitweb.js: fix null object exception in initials calculation gitweb: Minify gitweb.js if JSMIN is defined gitweb: Create links leading to 'blame_incremental' using JavaScript gitweb: Colorize 'blame_incremental' view during processing gitweb: Incremental blame (using JavaScript) gitweb: Add optional "time to generate page" info in footer Conflicts: Makefile gitweb/gitweb.css
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@@ -92,6 +92,10 @@ You can specify the following configuration variables when building GIT:
web browsers that support favicons (website icons) may display them
in the browser's URL bar and next to site name in bookmarks). Relative
to base URI of gitweb. [Default: git-favicon.png]
+ Points to the localtion where you put gitweb.js on your web server
+ (or to be more generic URI of JavaScript code used by gitweb).
+ Relative to base URI of gitweb. [Default: gitweb.js]
This Perl file will be loaded using 'do' and can be used to override any
of the options above as well as some other options -- see the "Runtime