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authorSergey Vlasov <>2006-05-15 15:13:14 (GMT)
committerPaul Mackerras <>2006-05-20 10:15:28 (GMT)
commitf1b8629453f6a0aeaee7072af7d900f3054a9aca (patch)
tree4d1dec2959a8a83c24b18424d24c35e70323f30c /gitk
parente72ee5ebc8de90ad6de8f9318f75ebd45b2ca001 (diff)
[PATCH] gitk: Display commit messages with word wrap
Some people put very long strings into commit messages, which then become invisible in gitk (word wrapping in the commit details window is turned off, and there is no horizontal scroll bar). Enabling word wrap for just the commit message looks much better. Wrapping is controlled by the "wrapcomment" option in ~/.gitk. By default this option is set to "none", which disables wrapping; setting it to "word" enables word wrap for commit messages. Signed-off-by: Sergey Vlasov <> Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
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1 files changed, 14 insertions, 12 deletions
diff --git a/gitk b/gitk
index 286f5cd..bd8d4f1 100755
--- a/gitk
+++ b/gitk
@@ -380,7 +380,7 @@ proc makewindow {} {
global findtype findtypemenu findloc findstring fstring geometry
global entries sha1entry sha1string sha1but
global maincursor textcursor curtextcursor
- global rowctxmenu mergemax
+ global rowctxmenu mergemax wrapcomment
menu .bar
.bar add cascade -label "File" -menu .bar.file
@@ -527,6 +527,7 @@ proc makewindow {} {
pack $ctext -side left -fill both -expand 1
.ctop.cdet add .ctop.cdet.left
+ $ctext tag conf comment -wrap $wrapcomment
$ctext tag conf filesep -font [concat $textfont bold] -back "#aaaaaa"
$ctext tag conf hunksep -fore blue
$ctext tag conf d0 -fore red
@@ -696,7 +697,7 @@ proc savestuff {w} {
global stuffsaved findmergefiles maxgraphpct
global maxwidth
global viewname viewfiles viewargs viewperm nextviewnum
- global cmitmode
+ global cmitmode wrapcomment
if {$stuffsaved} return
if {![winfo viewable .]} return
@@ -709,6 +710,7 @@ proc savestuff {w} {
puts $f [list set maxgraphpct $maxgraphpct]
puts $f [list set maxwidth $maxwidth]
puts $f [list set cmitmode $cmitmode]
+ puts $f [list set wrapcomment $wrapcomment]
puts $f "set geometry(width) [winfo width .ctop]"
puts $f "set geometry(height) [winfo height .ctop]"
puts $f "set geometry(canv1) [expr {[winfo width $canv]-2}]"
@@ -3225,11 +3227,11 @@ proc commit_descriptor {p} {
# append some text to the ctext widget, and make any SHA1 ID
# that we know about be a clickable link.
-proc appendwithlinks {text} {
+proc appendwithlinks {text tags} {
global ctext commitrow linknum curview
set start [$ctext index "end - 1c"]
- $ctext insert end $text
+ $ctext insert end $text $tags
$ctext insert end "\n"
set links [regexp -indices -all -inline {[0-9a-f]{40}} $text]
foreach l $links {
@@ -3357,7 +3359,7 @@ proc selectline {l isnew} {
$ctext insert end "\n"
- set comment {}
+ set headers {}
set olds [lindex $parentlist $l]
if {[llength $olds] > 1} {
set np 0
@@ -3368,23 +3370,22 @@ proc selectline {l isnew} {
set tag m$np
$ctext insert end "Parent: " $tag
- appendwithlinks [commit_descriptor $p]
+ appendwithlinks [commit_descriptor $p] {}
incr np
} else {
foreach p $olds {
- append comment "Parent: [commit_descriptor $p]\n"
+ append headers "Parent: [commit_descriptor $p]\n"
foreach c [lindex $childlist $l] {
- append comment "Child: [commit_descriptor $c]\n"
+ append headers "Child: [commit_descriptor $c]\n"
- append comment "\n"
- append comment [lindex $info 5]
# make anything that looks like a SHA1 ID be a clickable link
- appendwithlinks $comment
+ appendwithlinks $headers {}
+ appendwithlinks [lindex $info 5] {comment}
$ctext tag delete Comments
$ctext tag remove found 1.0 end
@@ -4508,7 +4509,7 @@ proc showtag {tag isnew} {
} else {
set text "Tag: $tag\nId: $tagids($tag)"
- appendwithlinks $text
+ appendwithlinks $text {}
$ctext conf -state disabled
init_flist {}
@@ -4894,6 +4895,7 @@ set downarrowlen 7
set mingaplen 30
set flistmode "flat"
set cmitmode "patch"
+set wrapcomment "none"
set colors {green red blue magenta darkgrey brown orange}