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authorBrian Downing <>2007-07-05 11:33:02 (GMT)
committerPaul Mackerras <>2007-07-09 09:28:19 (GMT)
commit096e96b493bfc30687c87b303b93e75864942786 (patch)
treece4f1c02fa7d674dd3db2c4f0373bb81db01d5fd /gitk
parentd36d385efd89d79c9d1f95ab79849ff1478dc425 (diff)
[PATCH] gitk: Fix for tree view ending in nested directories
Unroll the prefix stack when assigning treeheights when leaving proc treeview. Previously, when the ls-tree output ended in multiple nested directories (for instance in a repository with a single file "foo/bar/baz"), $treeheight("foo/bar/") was assigned twice, and $treeheight("foo/") was never assigned. This led to an error when expanding the "foo" directory in the gitk treeview. Signed-off-by: Brian Downing <> Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
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diff --git a/gitk b/gitk
index 45e16e4..28a6bac 100755
--- a/gitk
+++ b/gitk
@@ -1216,6 +1216,9 @@ proc treeview {w l openlevs} {
set treeheight($prefix) $ht
incr ht [lindex $htstack end]
set htstack [lreplace $htstack end end]
+ set prefixend [lindex $prefendstack end]
+ set prefendstack [lreplace $prefendstack end end]
+ set prefix [string range $prefix 0 $prefixend]
$w conf -state disabled