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authorJohn Keeping <>2014-07-16 19:23:49 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2014-07-16 20:07:40 (GMT)
commit1e0dacdbdb751caa5936b6d1510f5e8db4d1ed5f (patch)
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parentb6266dc88b1fcc91d084cc9c65e0b0805cf59d55 (diff)
rebase: omit patch-identical commits with --fork-point
When the `--fork-point` argument was added to `git rebase`, we changed the value of $upstream to be the fork point instead of the point from which we want to rebase. When $orig_head..$upstream is empty this does not change the behaviour, but when there are new changes in the upstream we are no longer checking if any of them are patch-identical with changes in $upstream..$orig_head. Fix this by introducing a new variable to hold the fork point and using this to restrict the range as an extra (negative) revision argument so that the set of desired revisions becomes (in fork-point mode): git rev-list --cherry-pick --right-only \ $upstream...$orig_head ^$fork_point This allows us to correctly handle the scenario where we have the following topology: C --- D --- E <- dev / B <- master@{1} / o --- B' --- C* --- D* <- master where: - B' is a fixed-up version of B that is not patch-identical with B; - C* and D* are patch-identical to C and D respectively and conflict textually if applied in the wrong order; - E depends textually on D. The correct result of `git rebase master dev` is that B is identified as the fork-point of dev and master, so that C, D, E are the commits that need to be replayed onto master; but C and D are patch-identical with C* and D* and so can be dropped, so that the end result is: o --- B' --- C* --- D* --- E <- dev If the fork-point is not identified, then picking B onto a branch containing B' results in a conflict and if the patch-identical commits are not correctly identified then picking C onto a branch containing D (or equivalently D*) results in a conflict. This change allows us to handle both of these cases, where previously we either identified the fork-point (with `--fork-point`) but not the patch-identical commits *or* (with `--no-fork-point`) identified the patch-identical commits but not the fact that master had been rewritten. Reported-by: Ted Felix <> Signed-off-by: John Keeping <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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diff --git a/ b/
index 902bf2d..f923732 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -45,14 +45,16 @@ then
# itself well to recording empty patches. fortunately, cherry-pick
# makes this easy
git cherry-pick ${gpg_sign_opt:+"$gpg_sign_opt"} --allow-empty \
- --right-only "$revisions"
+ --right-only "$revisions" \
+ ${restrict_revision+^$restrict_revision}
rm -f "$GIT_DIR/rebased-patches"
git format-patch -k --stdout --full-index --cherry-pick --right-only \
--src-prefix=a/ --dst-prefix=b/ --no-renames --no-cover-letter \
- "$revisions" >"$GIT_DIR/rebased-patches"
+ "$revisions" ${restrict_revision+^$restrict_revision} \
+ >"$GIT_DIR/rebased-patches"
if test 0 != $ret