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sparse: suppress some "using sizeof on a function" warnings
Sparse issues an "using sizeof on a function" warning for each call to curl_easy_setopt() which sets an option that takes a function pointer parameter. (currently 12 such warnings over 4 files.) The warnings relate to the use of the "typecheck-gcc.h" header file which adds a layer of type-checking macros to the curl function invocations (for gcc >= 4.3 and !__cplusplus). As part of the type-checking layer, 'sizeof' is applied to the function parameter of curl_easy_setopt(). Note that, in the context of sizeof, the function to function pointer conversion is not performed and that sizeof(f) != sizeof(&f). A simple solution, therefore, would be to replace the function name in each such call to curl_easy_setopt() with an explicit function pointer expression (i.e. replace f with &f). However, the "typecheck-gcc.h" header file is only conditionally included, in addition to the gcc and C++ checks mentioned above, depending on the CURL_DISABLE_TYPECHECK preprocessor variable. In order to suppress the warnings, we use target-specific variable assignments to add -DCURL_DISABLE_TYPECHECK to SPARSE_FLAGS for each file affected (http-push.c, http.c, http-walker.c and remote-curl.c). Signed-off-by: Ramsay Jones <> Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <>
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