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git-mv: fixes for path handling
Moving a directory ending in a slash was not working as the destination was not calculated correctly. E.g. in the git repo, git-mv t/ Documentation gave the error Error: destination 'Documentation' already exists To get rid of this problem, strip trailing slashes from all arguments. The comment in cg-mv made me curious about this issue; Pasky, thanks! As result, the workaround in cg-mv is not needed any more. Also, another bug was shown by cg-mv. When moving files outside of a subdirectory, it typically calls git-mv with something like git-mv Documentation/git.txt Documentation/../git-mv.txt which triggers the following error from git-update-index: Ignoring path Documentation/../git-mv.txt The result is a moved file, removed from git revisioning, but not added again. To fix this, the paths have to be normalized not have ".." in the middle. This was already done in git-mv, but only for a better visual appearance :( Signed-off-by: Josef Weidendorfer <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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