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[PATCH] Multi-head fetch.
Traditionally, fetch takes these forms: $ git fetch <remote> $ git fetch <remote> <head> $ git fetch <remote> tag <tag> This patch updates it to take $ git fetch <remote> <refspec>... where: - A <refspec> of form "<src>:<dst>" is to fetch the objects needed for the remote ref that matches <src>, and if <dst> is not empty, store it as a local <dst>. - "tag" followed by <next> is just an old way of saying "refs/tags/<next>:refs/tags/<next>"; this mimics the current behaviour of the third form above and means "fetch that tag and store it under the same name". - A single token <refspec> without colon is a shorthand for "<refspec>:" That is, "fetch that ref but do not store anywhere". - when there is no <refspec> specified - if <remote> is the name of a file under $GIT_DIR/remotes/ (i.e. a new-style shorthand), then it is the same as giving the <refspec>s listed on Pull: line in that file. - if <remote> is the name of a file under $GIT_DIR/branches/ (i.e. an old-style shorthand, without trailing path), then it is the same as giving a single <refspec> "<remote-name>:refs/heads/<remote>" on the command line, where <remote-name> is the remote branch name (defaults to HEAD, but can be overridden by .git/branches/<remote> file having the URL fragment notation). That is, "fetch that branch head and store it in refs/heads/<remote>". - otherwise, it is the same as giving a single <refspec> that is "HEAD:". The SHA1 object names of fetched refs are stored in FETCH_HEAD, one name per line, with a comment to describe where it came from. This is later used by "git resolve" and "git octopus". Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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