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Fix build with core.autocrlf=true
On Windows, the default line endings are denoted by a Carriage Return byte followed by a Line Feed byte, while Linux and MacOSX use a single Line Feed byte to denote a line ending. To help with this situation, Git introduced several mechanisms over the last decade, most prominently the `core.autocrlf` setting. Sometimes, however, a single setting is incorrect, e.g. when certain files in the source code are to be consumed by software that can handle only LF line endings, while other files can use whatever is appropriate for the current platform. To allow for that, Git added the `eol` option to its .gitattributes handling, expecting every user of Git to mark their source code appropriately. Bash assumes that line-endings of scripts are denoted by a single Line Feed byte. Therefore, shell scripts in Git's source code are one example where that `eol=lf` option is *required*. When generating common-cmds.h, the Unix tools we use generally operate on the assumption that input and output deliminate their lines using LF-only line endings. Consequently, they would happily copy the CR byte verbatim into the strings in common-cmds.h, which in turn makes the C preprocessor barf (that interprets them as MacOS-style line endings). Therefore, we have to mark the input files as LF-only: command-list.txt and Documentation/git-*.txt. Quite a bit belatedly, this patch brings Git's own source code in line with those expectations by setting those attributes to allow for a correct build even when core.autocrlf=true. This patch can be validated even on Linux, by using this cadence: git config core.autocrlf true rm .git/index && git stash make -j15 DEVELOPER=1 Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <> Reviewed-by: Jonathan Nieder <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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