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@@ -18,28 +18,23 @@ specialized so-called "po file editors" (e.g. emacs po-mode, KBabel,
poedit, GTranslator --- any of them would work well). Please install
-You would then need to clone the git-gui internationalization project
-repository, so that you can work on it:
+You would then need to clone the git-gui project repository and create
+a feature branch to begin working:
- $ git clone
- $ cd git-gui-i18n
- $ git checkout --track -b mob origin/mob
- $ git config remote.origin.push mob
+ $ git clone git://
+ $ cd git-gui.git
+ $ git checkout -b my-translation
-The "git checkout" command creates a 'mob' branch from upstream's
-corresponding branch and makes it your current branch. You will be
-working on this branch.
-The "git config" command records in your repository configuration file
-that you would push "mob" branch to the upstream when you say "git
+The "git checkout" command creates a new branch to keep your work
+isolated and to make it simple to post your patch series when
+completed. You will be working on this branch.
2. Starting a new language.
-In the git-gui-i18n directory is a po/ subdirectory. It has a
-handful files whose names end with ".po". Is there a file that has
-messages in your language?
+In the git-gui directory is a po/ subdirectory. It has a handful of
+files whose names end with ".po". Is there a file that has messages
+in your language?
If you do not know what your language should be named, you need to find
it. This currently follows ISO 639-1 two letter codes:
@@ -149,15 +144,18 @@ There is a trick to test your translation without first installing:
$ make
$ LANG=af ./
-When you are satisfied with your translation, commit your changes, and
-push it back to the 'mob' branch:
+When you are satisfied with your translation, commit your changes then submit
+your patch series to the maintainer and the Git mailing list:
$ edit po/af.po
... be sure to update Last-Translator: and
... PO-Revision-Date: lines.
$ git add po/af.po
- $ git commit -m 'Started Afrikaans translation.'
- $ git push
+ $ git commit -s -m 'git-gui: added Afrikaans translation.'
+ $ git send-email --to '' \
+ --cc 'Pat Thoyts <>' \
+ --subject 'git-gui: Afrikaans translation' \
+ master..
3. Updating your translation.
@@ -169,6 +167,7 @@ itself was updated and there are new messages that need translation.
In any case, make sure you are up-to-date before starting your work:
+ $ git checkout master
$ git pull
In the former case, you will edit po/af.po (again, replace "af" with