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Merge git://
* git:// git-gui: Reenable staging unmerged files by clicking the icon. git-gui: Support the encoding menu in gui blame. git-gui: Optimize encoding name resolution using a lookup table. git-gui: Allow forcing display encoding for diffs using a submenu. git-gui: Add a menu of available encodings. git-gui: Cleanup handling of the default encoding. git-gui: Assume `blame --incremental` output is in UTF-8 git-gui: Use gitattribute "encoding" for file content display git-gui: Add support for calling out to the prepare-commit-msg hook git-gui: Hide commit related UI during citool --nocommit git-gui: Add more integration options to citool. git-gui: Updated German translation. git-gui: I18n fix sentence parts into full sentences for translation again. git-gui: Restore ability to Stage Working Copy for conflicts. git-gui: Fix Blame Parent & Context for working copy lines.
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