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git-gui: Guess our share/git-gui/lib path at runtime if possiblegitgui-0.7.2
Johannes Sixt asked me to try to avoid embedding the runtime location of git-gui's library directory in the executable script. Not embedding it helps the MinGW to be relocatable to another directory should a user wish to install the programs in a directory other than the location the packager wanted them to be installed into. Most of this is a hack. We try to determine if the path of our master git-gui script will be able to locate the lib by ../share/git-gui/lib. This should be true if $(gitexecdir) and $(libdir) have the same prefix. If they do then we defer the assignment of $(libdir) until runtime, and we get it from $argv0 rather than embedding it into the script itself. Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
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