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[PATCH] delta creation
This adds the ability to actually create delta objects using a new tool: git-mkdelta. It uses an ordered list of potential objects to deltafy against earlier objects in the list. A cap on the depth of delta references can be provided as well, otherwise the default is to not have any limit. A limit of 0 will also undeltafy any given object. Also provided is the beginning of a script to deltafy an entire repository. Signed-off-by: Nicolas Pitre <> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
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+# Script to deltafy an entire GIT repository based on the commit list.
+# The most recent version of a file is the reference and previous versions
+# are made delta against the best earlier version available. And so on for
+# successive versions going back in time. This way the delta overhead is
+# pushed towards older version of any given file.
+# NOTE: the "best earlier version" is not implemented in mkdelta yet
+# and therefore only the next eariler version is used at this time.
+# TODO: deltafy tree objects as well.
+# The -d argument allows to provide a limit on the delta chain depth.
+# If 0 is passed then everything is undeltafied.
+set -e
+[ "$1" == "-d" ] && depth="--max-depth=$2" && shift 2
+git-rev-list HEAD |
+git-diff-tree -r --stdin |
+sed -n '/^\*/ s/^.*->\(.\{41\}\)\(.*\)$/\2 \1/p' | sort | uniq |
+while read file sha1; do
+ if [ "$file" == "$curr_file" ]; then
+ list="$list $sha1"
+ else
+ if [ "$list" ]; then
+ echo "Processing $curr_file"
+ echo "$head $list" | xargs git-mkdelta $depth -v
+ fi
+ curr_file="$file"
+ list=""
+ head="$sha1"
+ fi